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(2018 Update!! ) Clash Of Magic MOD - S1,S2,S3,S4

Download Clash Of Magic MOD || in a game there must have been a defeat, but if you use the games from the site Unlimod.com there are not going to feel to feel difficulty in victory.

in this game you will be menemuakn, as you will find a number of Elixir Elixir and black and also coins that you guys have no limits, so you can create and improve the troops with peace of mind without having to think about money and Elixir again.

Clash Of Magic MOD || If you want to increase the level of its forces, then you can simply increase the level of the laboratory and you guys choose to increase troops levels, but quiet, you guys won't be a shortage of elixir, elixir because we provide not limited.

Download Clash Of Magic MOD

Here you will find your own server, so you will not get together with the players of the game original coc, but in this game is no less exciting with the original game, so you will not regret to play this version of the game.

If you look at the original no name heroes hog, but here's da hero hog but not the hero just hog but many, like hero pekka and many more and we will supply a list below:

Here's a list of existing heroes:
  • War machine (Normal Village)
  • Night Witch Queen
  • Baby Dragon Queen
  • Mini Sparky
  • Pumpkin King
  • Giant Skeleton King
  • Goblin King
  • Giant King
  • Balloon King
  • Wizard King
  • Dragon King
  • Hog King
  • Witch Queen
  • Lava King
  • Bowler King
  • Battle Ram King
  • Bat Queen
  • P.E.K.K.A Queen
  • Minion King
  • Golem King
  • Valkyrie Queen
But there is a feature that not only that here you will be given the building who also have differences that are very much so you have to try one by one so you can see how the excitement of playing this game.

The following list of buildings that are already in the modification : 
  • Goblin Hut
  • Goblin Town Hall
  • All THs as Decorations
  • Electro Dragon Tower
  • Barbarian King Tower
  • Archer Queen Tower
  • Toxic Minion Tower
  • Ice Wizard Tower
  • Mini Sparky Tower
  • Night Witch Tower
  • Baby Dragon Tower
  • Bats Tower
  • Witch Tower & More
  • All obstacles and special stuff like XMAS Trees as Decorations
  • All Builder items as Normal Village items
  • Jonawen Tower
  • Damager Tower
  • Skeleton Tower
  • Villager Tower
  • Minion Tower
  • P.E.K.K.A Tower

Link downlaod :

Download Clash Of Magic MOD Server 1

Download Clash Of Magic MOD Server 1 || Well on this one server you can get many great features that will surely make your own tercengah cengah. elixir with no limits and gems that no limit, so you can boost just about anything here.

Download Clash Of Magic MOD Server 2 || for the number two versei is not far different from the version number one, but already there are on the increase, so you guys can download now as well. by pressing the link above

Download Clash Of Magic MOD Server 3 || the three-number on a server that you will feel the elixir that there is no limit, and you can upgrade everything in the world of this game, simply click the download link above ...

Download Clash Of Magic MOD Server 4 || with servers that are not so different, you can feel with the download at the link above